Bumper to bumper repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers

We've been repairing and maintaining our customer's equipment since 1978 . With dedication to technology and training, our service departments have grown with industry. 



PM & Inspections

Preventive maintenance to keep your equipment in top shape and hopefully curb expensive failures.  Federal DOT inspections performed at our shop or onsite. 

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...."


We perform minor and major engine work on all makes of engines. ​

Our locations have multiple laptops and software to connect to most engines, emissions, transmissions, ABS, and other truck technological systems. 

An engine oil change is only one of the many systems on today's vehicles that needs to be tracked.....

Manufacturer specs along with decades of experience (literally), helps us know what to keep an eye on.  Technology has allowed us to track your unit's schedule and make sure you are doing everything possible to keep your equipment on track and running. 

Service shops and DIY customers.  

Even if you are performing your own repair, we can help with the areas you may need assistance:

  • Cummins Counterboring (onsite)

  • ISX crank gear replacements

  • DPF Cleaning 

  • Flywheel Resurfacing

  • ECM calibrations and reprogramming





Fleet Management

Specialty Services


We realize you invest in your equipment.  The Service Company's warranty helps give you peace of mind that your investment is protected.  


Authorized Cummins dealer and warranty center


Proud member of HDA Truck Pride- Over 400 service locations and North America's largest independent provider of parts and service to the commercial vehicle aftermarket.

Fleet maintenance 

tracking & reporting

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