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May Newsletter

Greenville Addition Progress

We are getting closer to finishing the Greenville addition. The interior firewall is complete and we are starting to put up the shelving. We hope to get a final occupancy inspection in the next week, at that point we should be able to go to town on moving everything in. Here is a pic of the front......

Service Department

DPF Cleaning Machine

Speaking of the Greenville addition, we have purchased a DPF cleaner that we will be using to clean all our own DPFs in house. This will continue to help improve our ability to take care of our customer's maintenance needs, allowing us to control the quality and frequency of cleanings. Power is being run to the new machine and we hope to be able to start cleaning by the end of this month.

IT Updates

  • Security Cameras- we have added in security cameras to the outside of both our Greenville and Dayton locations. This should help us keep an eye on any damage or after hours activities that may need to be documented.

  • WiFi Access- we have added additional Wifi access points at Greenville and Dayton to help with coverage inside and directly outside the buildings.


  • Bad Debt Crackdown- we are serious this year about eliminating bad debt and continuing to improve our Accounts Receivable practices. Remember, if you see a customer with a (past due account) at the end of their name- STOP. Check with accounting before charging their account.

  • COD Customers- if you have a COD customer that would like to be setup on a charge account, give them a credit application (the new one!) and send completed applications to Krista. She will check the references and process the application. If a charge account is approved, she will send them an approval letter or email.

Parts Department

We have added flat screens in both our Covington and Dayton entries to help keep customers informed. Some of the items we hope to promote are:

  • New Products that we are now stocking or have access to

  • Service items that we offer that customers may not be aware of (Think: alignments, counter-boring, etc)

  • Safety and Industry related news- DOT Blitz dates, new regulations, etc

April and May Birthdays

  • Solomon Benedict, 4/6

  • Brian Wise, 4/10

  • Shawn Loxley, 4/26

  • Steve Gerlach, 4/27

  • Jeremy Mohler, 5/6

Yes, we know. It's not 1986 any more. We are on Facebook, click the image below!

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