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August Newsletter

Greenville Addition Project

We are currently on the final countdown with our new showroom in Greenville! A customer appreciation and open house has been scheduled for August 28th 10-2 for customers to come in and check it out! Everyone has been working so hard to get this to come together and the shelves are being filled as we speak!

Company Picnic

You are all invited to come, bring your family and check out our new space! August 28 5:30pm We will have wood fired pizza, home made ice cream and celebrate the completion of the project and YOU our employee!

Service Department

James and Paul attended a ITRG session in Cincinnati June 26-28 to complete picoscope usage training.

IT Updates

We have added a guest wifi to our wireless access points. Servco-Guest is setup to connect to the internet without having any access to our local network. This allows us to give customers access to the internet through wifi while keeping our local network secure. We can also manage the amount of bandwidth guest can use so it doesn’t interfere with our bandwidth needs. We will be supplying documents with details for connecting to guest network that can be posted where customers can see them. Current password for Servco-Guest is “access1”.


COD Customers- if you have a COD customer that would like to be setup on a charge account, give them a credit application. REMEMBER TO USE THE NEW ONE and send completed applications to Krista. She will check the references and process the application. If a charge account is approved, she will send them an approval letter or email.

Parts Department

In Greenville we have totally rearranged our warehouse and moved almost our entire parts area to the new addition. This has been a major project as over 1,000 part numbers have been transferred to the new area as well as all items in the showroom. Our machine work area has also been reorganized to accommodate flywheel grinding, ubolt bending, hydraulic hoses and DPF cleaning.

At Covington we are working on adding products into our showroom to keep curb appeal updated. We recently added Zephyr Polishing Products to our showroom lineup and have a display rack for all the chrome addicts in the area. :)

At Dayton we are doing our best to keep Volvo inventory updated. We recently transferred a sum of Volvo parts to Dayton from Covington because Volvo parts consumption is much higher in Dayton now.

June,July,August Birthdays

  • Kody Peters 6/25

  • Craig Boone 7/21

  • Thomas Flora 8/10

  • Derek Brandt 8/28

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